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Entlib 5.0 and Unity 2.0 – Beta 1 release

February 8, 2010 16:05 by chris

Hey all. Grigori has the full details, but I wanted to post a quick message that we’ve released a beta release of Entlib 5.0 and Unity 2.0. So, what makes it a beta? Well, the biggest one is that this is a signed binary release, with a full MSI. There are still a few things to tweak (Quickstarts haven’t been updated and so aren’t in the MSI, and the config tool is still getting shaken out) but I’m very proud of what my team has produced for Enterprise Library 5.0.

So, what we desperately need from you is – go download and try it! This beta will install side-by-side with existing previous Entlib versions, and it uninstalls cleanly (if it doesn’t, it’s a bug, please let us know!) We aren’t shipping the VS integrated config tool (yet) so it won’t screw up your copy of Visual Studio either. We really, really need feedback from people on how it works! We’ve done a lot of testing on our end, but nothing compares to real-world exercising of the bits.

So, please go download it and let us know!

Enterprise Library 5.0 Beta 1

Unity 2.0 Beta 1

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