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What version of ObjectBuilder are we talking about here?

January 31, 2008 17:11 by Chris

I got a comment on the first installment of Deconstructing ObjectBuilder that asked an excellent question: what version of OB is it talking about?

The current production version (which I'll call OB1) is used in CAB, Entlib 2 and 3, and WCSF. The document is written against ObjectBiulder 2. This version was written by Scott Densmore and Brad Wilson, and uploaded to the ObjectBuilder Codeplex project as a sample. We (p&p) have taken this to be the underlying engine for the Unity container, primarily because it fixes some significant underlying issues with OB1.

So, if you're wonding why my code doesn't compile, that's why. You'll need to grab OB2 off of codeplex. It's checked into their source tree. We will be releasing a new (slightly tweaked) version of this codebase with the Unity container, which hopefully should have a CTP soon.

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